Sunday, September 17, 2017

MFW 1850-Mod Week 3: Queen Victoria, Sepoy Rebellion, Crimean War

We came back from a vacation in Maine and we were ready to plug into Week 3!


We memorized Php 1:1-11.I LOVE the book of Philippians. It is uplifting.


We learnt about the Queen Victoria's England (Great Exhibition), Sepoy rebellion, and the Crimean War.

This year we used the Story of the World Student Sheets, and I felt it was good for the older two to practice writing outlines. It helps with retention. I did have to help them a little at first though.

We also watched this video on the Great Exhibition.

Lil Sis is not doing SOTW. She is doing the worksheets from U.S. Facts and Fun instead. It suits her well!

This was how we revised the states this week. I made laminated cards of the states names. The older ones have to put them in spatial order. Lil Sis pointed to the state when I drew a card.

We did the President Study on Millard Fillmore.

We had a lovely Victorian Tea, and read the chapter in U.S. History Cookbook.


We learnt about DNA and States of Matter.

Language and Math

We did the pretest for Spelling Power this week for Big Sis and Lil Sis. I graduated Big Bro from Spelling.

Lil Sis continued her cursive writing practice. I am using worksheets from here. I have used them for the older two and found these worksheets helpful.

Read A-louds
We continued to read Farmer Boy.
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Thursday, September 7, 2017

MFWK 2017: Creation

My last child to do My Father's World Kindergarten and I feel like crying. I love this curriculum and I am sad this is the last time I will teach it.

Nevertheless, this is what we did for Creation Week.

I made a calendar book for Baby Sis, which she has to do a page every day. We are doing the craft sticks cup too.

We did the creation wheel craft at the end.

These are the work of Baby Sis for the days of creation.

I love creation snacks. Day 1: Light from darkness

Day 2: Clouds and water

Day 3: dry ground (dirt cup on pudding) and plants

Day 4: Sun, Moon, Stars

Day 5: Fish and birds

Day 6: Animals

Friday, September 1, 2017

MFW 1850-Mod Week 2: Learning about the states,

Week 2 is still easy, for we have not started Spelling or art.


We started memorizing Philippians 1:1-8


We started learning about the states by region. The older two have no problems. I need to remember more games with Lil Sis next week.


We learnt about the elements and water surface tension

This are the Slo-mo videos of the experiments

Big Bro studied General Science on his own. He did these experiments this week.

Big Sis did a science page on what she learnt.

Language and Math

Besides Rod & Staff, and Math, Big Bro started on writing. We are using Institute in Excellence for Writing this year. Big Bro had a LOT of fun listening to Andrew Pudewa. In fact, the other girls joined in because he was so amusing. =)

We also started Mandarin Chinese this week. Lil Sis is finally writing words!

Read A-louds
We started Farmer Boy this week.
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I attended a conference this week and we visited Connecticut's capital/capitol, Hartford, along the way.

Friday, August 25, 2017

MFW 1850-Mod Week 1: Easing into school, State Tests

I love week 1's. In the beginning, I learnt from the MFW schedule to make it light. It has made a huge difference to us easing into the new school year.


We did an ABC study of Philippians (author, Background, Context) and dove into memorizing 1:1-4. In the end I gave up doing "a Young Person's Guide to Knowing God" because I feel that studying and memorizing Philippians is enough.

I let them do their own notations of the verses, something we learnt from this video.

We did a states Pre-test, in which the older two aced it, and Lil Sis needs work, which I was not surprised. We also learnt the northeast and south states.

We learnt about atoms and how molecules changes.
We watched this video that teaches about meringues, and we made some yummy meringue.

Big Bro studied General Science on his own. He did these experiments this week.


How molecules move (comparing cold and hot water)

Big Sis did a science page on what she learnt.

Language and Math
The kids all started on Rod and Staff English, and Singapore Math. Big Bro is using Chalkdust Math (Pre-Algebra), and the beginning lessons are total confidence boosters because they are so easy. =)

Monday, August 21, 2017

A New Year!

We begin a new year today!

I love to decorate the home a little to make the day special. Thank you, Dollar Tree, for the frugal decor.

This year our school room changed. During the summer, we made some changes to storage to our dining and living room.

Now this is our school room. MUCH less cluttered.

We have essential supplies here. That includes the Math/English/Chinese that the kids will need everyday for their own work.

This, is our favorite part of our living room now.

The other books are stored here. Big Bro has his own caddy, because he is doing his own Math, Science, and Writing (Institute for Writing in Excellence).

We have art supplies and Kindergarten manipulatives here.

This morning, I am profoundly grateful for the fact I get to homeschool our kids and I get to spend so much more time with them. I do not think it's because I'm better than other moms or more committed. I think it is a gift from God and I treasure it a lot. 

We began the new year, watching the eclipse. =)

We thought we missed it. But on the left you can see a small reflection of the eclipse. It was reflected from my phone.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

2017-2018 School Year Plan

This is our 8th year using the My Father's World curriculum and I still love it.

We will have a 3rd grader, 5th grader, and a 7th grader using the 1850 to Modern Times materials.

We will continue from last year's study. This year, we will learn about the happenings in the world and the U.S from 1850 to now.
We will also continue the state study and the president study.
These are the examples of state sheets and president sheets I made for the kids.

We will listen to Story of the World (The kids and I have enjoyed Jim Weiss' reading for the past books, so we will continue this year). We will also do activities and worksheets from the Activity Book.

Lil Sis will do some worksheets from this book instead of the activities from the Story of the World.

These are the read-alouds we will be doing.

 (for the older two)

(for Lil Sis)

We will learn the location of states and capitals.
I have a feeling the Stack the States iPad game will resurrect. (We had a blast of a time playing with the game a few years back when Big Bro was doing MFW Adventures)

We will read from Patricia St John's Devotional Book, discuss some verses, and memorize a book from the bible.

We memorized James last year and while it was difficult, it was so beneficial. I thought we should memorize another book this year instead of the memory verses provided by MFW. We might be doing the book of Philippians, which has about the same number of verses as James.

Our family learned from this video by Dr. Tim Brown on bible memorization/interiorization. It was so inspiring!

Big Sis and Lil Sis will be using the Science materials in the 1850 to Modern Times curriculum, learning about physics and chemistry, particularly electricity and magnetism.

Big Bro will be using Exploring Creation with General Science. This is the first year he will be doing Science on his own and we will see how it works out!
Big Sis and Lil Sis will continue in Singapore Math.
It took me a while to find out what Math curriculum to get for Big Bro and we have finally decided upon Chalkdust Math (Prealgebra). It will take a little time for us to see if it works well for us.

All the kids will continue on Rod and Staff English.

Big Sis and Lil Sis will also do Spelling Power. Big Bro has gotten quite well in his spelling I will let him off this year. In its place, he will learn writing from Institute for Excellence in Writing. This is a new curriculum for me. I have gotten the Teaching Writing and Structure Seminar package for myself, and the Student Intensive Group B for him.

The children will continue their Mandarin studies.

This will be our fourth (and most likely the last, sob!!) time using MFW's Kindergarten materials.
We all can't wait. The older ones are looking forward to the book basket we get for the wonderful Kindergarten unit studies.
Baby Sis will also use the Daily Math/Calendar worksheets I have done for Lil Sis a couple years back.
This is an example. Everyday she has different tasks.

I am in the process of researching for Art. Last year, we enjoyed part of Artistic Pursuits, and not other. This coming year I hope to use MFW-K's units to make up the art curriculum for the kids. I may use materials from Artistic Pursuits (projects we have not done), Art and the History of God, and mostly the wonderful resources from artistic moms and teachers on the web.

Big Bro and Lil Sis are learning guitar and Big Sis is learning piano. All the in home.