Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Remembering 2013

O how much joy He brought into our heart
Just by remembering how GOOD He was to us.

January 2013
Big Brother's first photobook and that rather toothless grin

Big Sis turned five

Big sis learnt to knit using looms and made the first hat for her doll.

The littlest turned 3 months and found her thumb.

What brought smiles to us

February 2013
Bought books for the new year. SUPER EXCITED as I thought of it.

One of the highest liked photos (Hubby and Little Sis prepping worship together)

Timbo Cafe with small group

Chinese New Year

What brought smiles to us
Showed the kids Sound of Music (Do Re Mi song) and in the beginning Maria was playing guitar on the hills, and as musical goes, she puts it down and went into the full blown dancing/singing with the kids.

Emma (very concerned): I think she will lost her guitar.


Sun Night with Grannies

Resurrection Cookies for Easter

Diane visited NY and made a FIRM friend with Little Sis

Big Sis made her own cookies

Baby roomed in with brother and sisters

Fav photo of March

What brought smiles to us
Ian: 我喜歡硬的 ( I like the firm ones)
Colleen: That's good. 我喜歡軟的 (I like the soft ones)
Me: What about you Emma? 你喜歡軟的還是硬的?
Emma: 我喜歡大的!!!! (I like the big ones!)

April 2013

Homeschool conference in NH and visiting our close friends

Big Brother's first tie

Fun experiments in school

Spring Festival in Long Island

Favorite Photo of Apr

What brought smiles to us
Emma: my elbow hurts.
Timothy: which one?
Emma. (Pointing to her left knee): this one.

May 2013
Boy took me out on Birthday date
We finished learning about the states

Big Sis learnt to sew

End of Year School Party

Playground time began!
Co-workers' retreat with the kids

Fav photo of May

What brought smiles to us
Lunchtime topic 1: Drivers' License

Ian: Why doesn't the drivers' license come with the car? We already paid so much for the car and we have to pay more for the license??!!

Me: Well, some people don't have cars, they just have the license.

Ian: WHAT???! that doesn't make sense. Why have the license if you don't have cars???!?!

haha...Adults who are not logical.

June 2013
Birthday date with hubby

A lot of art fun in summer

Helped Sunny阿姨 make CD 
Fathers' Day

FAv photo of June

What brought smiles to us
Saw Emma standing still before bed (she only wears diapers for night sleep now).

Me: What are you doing, Emma? Are you pee-ing?
Emma smiled and nodded.
Timothy: Why, Emma??
Emma:My diaper needs something to eat.

July 2013

Someone Sat up!
Almost daily playground trip and making some new friends.

Fav photo of July

What brought smiles to us
Lunchtime topic: The Lord's Supper

Me: Do you know why Ah Gong has to crush the cracker?

Ian: Because Jesus' body was crushed.

Colleen: OH? Is that why? I thought it's because there are too many people.

August 2013
School Reopened

Baby the helper (she's standing!)

Church retreat

 fav photo of August

What brought smiles to us

September 2013
Made an important new friend from Taiwan

AGoo for a visit

Our most important trip of the year: Acadia for our ten year anniversary

Favorite Photo of Sep

What brought smiles to us
We were doing afternoon school and later found Emma sleeping, tucked herself nicely in and sleeping soundly. A big surprise since all our kids think sleeping is a waste of life.

I woke her up.

Emma(not fully awoken): I was waiting and waiting and didn't want to bother you guys...

Me: AWWW....you sweet Emma!!!!

Emma (almost fully awake): sweets? What sweets?!?!

October 2013

Couple date to Minnewaska

My parents and aunt's visit (went to Minnewaska and Lancaster)
This munchkin turned one

The munchkin walks.

Favorite photo of October

What brought smiles to us
Overheard this noon time while I was in the bathroom with Emma.

Ian was talking about his self work (it doesn't make sense to call it "homework").
Ian: Tomorrow I'll have a proper Math Test (I wonder what that is). It IS HARD. It'll be like 4 pages long hard.

SILENCE. I can imagine Colleen's wide eyes.

Ian: It's like 195 minus 62 kind of hard.

Colleen: Wah...What is that?

Ian: Yeah. It is hard. The words are going to be so small... I will be all worn out. My brains will "san4 diao4" (fall apart)


I can imagine Colleen staring shocked at her brother with awe.  hahaha...

November 2013
My lovely二姐 turned four

Big Brother's night date with daddy

Big Brother's first photography class

Daddy's birthday

Big Brother turned eight.

Favorite photo of November

What brought smiles to us
Colleen: I hope Eileen still remembers what we did.
Emma: Of course, I think she remembers all the things in the old days.


Emma: What are you laughing at, mom? It's not a joke ok?


December 2013
The Kuos in NYC

Winter Wonderland Lancaster

Christmas with the family

Uncle Ray in NYC

Little Sis learnt the alphabet secretly on her own

My first Buche de Noel

Christmas gifts to neighbors

Favorite photo of December

What brought smiles to us