Monday, February 13, 2012

Exploration Day - Scholastic Store

This is quite a fun place to be, but I'll say the customer's service could be better, considering it's a kids' place, the people there are pretty stern and police-y
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MFW 1st Grade Days 117-121


We got new books to play with

Letter sounds worksheets from Learning Page

I really like this sticker book

Jonah Bible Notebook

The preschooler did a Noah Craft. The 1st grader already did this in his Sun Sch.

For fun, I let him use the calculator to check his answers

The three brave men in the furnace (colored by preschooler)
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Friday, February 3, 2012

MFW 1st Grade Days 112-117

LAPBOOK: The Glorious Flight

Ian has been very very interested in airplanes. I thought this book would give him an idea of the history of airplanes. He didn't like propeller planes, only modern planes. But I showed him the many similarities of the older planes and new ones. He was super excited with the memory card games I made for him of all the models he loves. =)

Got A LOT of info here


We have been reading the poem book given by Auntie J. It is a SUPER funny book!!!! It think it made the children want to read about Chinese. I love the humor. A LOT.

Read Aloud Chapter Book: A picture for Marc

Since Ian's an artist, I chose this book about Marc Chagall to read to him.

We also looked through the dictionary to learn about order of alphabet.


We got this as a gift. Quite a fun VTech game.

Patterns from Sparks

Fun worksheets

Drawing from iPad. I don't like this free app cos you can't see the real pic in the end, kind of hard to undo etc...But I let her look at the pic and draw.

Bible Notebook on Elijah. I love the "God" with a lighter. =)

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