Thursday, December 27, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 15: NH, VA, NY, NC

NH: State Veg -Pumpkin

NY: This is a GREAT book, esp for us in NYC

State fruit: apple

Learning the relative size of the Statue of Liberty (this was quite fun)

Enjoying one part of Nutcracker: Pas De Deux of the sugar plum fairy

NC: this book is "so-so"

State veg: Sweet potato

MFW K G-Goat 2012


Tractor shapes
Measuring the farm animals using cuisenaire cubes
Poking holes on G
Old MacDonald had a farm
Blend Ladder
She can read! Yes she can!
Animal sounds
This unit reminds me to retell the gospel story to the kids, since G-Goat says "Jesus died for my sins"
They especially like "Bill Grogan's Goat" ,the song that stuck in our heads
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Friday, December 14, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 14: CT,MA,MD,SC

How much earthworms a robin (CT state bird) eats a day. 14 feet!
I love the different discussion on the bible verse, John 14:16 (Jesus is the way) This one is of us finding different ways to get to different places.
4 pennies. How heavy a chickadee is (MA state bird) We were surprised!
Tried the Farmer Boy's Popcorn in milk experiment (put a cup full of popcorn in a cup full of milk and it will not spill over)
Well, it didn't QUITE work...I don't know if because we put TOO much milk or is it because our floor is not even. Oh well. But it tasted nice! =)

We can't get past Farmer's not easy to read...or to keep his attention.
Books we read (Visit to Gravensen Farm-CT, Boy on FF St- MA, Carolina Shout-SC, Amish books-PA)

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MFW K 2012 I-Insects

Made an I-Insect Folder games for the girls, mainly Shyun Shyun I think.
Here is Shyun doing the activities in the folder (and more)
This is a fun worksheet my mom gave Colleen
Searching for the ladybugs
working together
We haven't sung the Vowel song for a LONG time
Reading the Little Hen story
Pattern Bugs
Bingo Letter sounds
She is getting really good at reading and writing
Domino Math

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Monday, December 10, 2012

MFW K 2012: W-Water

We learnt about Water as Liquid
and we read all the Helen Frost books.
W-Words wordsearch (your can do your own word search here)
Water as solid
we made snowflake cutting. Ian was so surprised.
And we ate popsicles (i made out of orange juice)

And we learnt water as gas (evaporation). Gotta love Emma's stunned face. =)
And there's the math page
And Blend Ladder
I love it that the big brother can do the dictation for the younger sister to write the words.
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