Friday, July 8, 2016

School Plan 2016-2017

This is our curriculum for the new school year and we will have three students on the Family Cycle. Big Bro will be in 6th Grade, Big Sis in 4th, and Lil Sis in 2nd Grade. 

I am trying a new way of organizing the schedule grid this year. Instead of going by subjects, I did it by "timeslots". Because I have four children going at once, with three different levels of learning, I need to know when they need to separate and when we can come together.

This is an example of our week 1. (I made some tweaking so that it is slightly "lighter" than what MFW planned.)
Since I made the notebook pages on my own, I would print out the relevant ones every week when I am planning/reading for the new week.

We will be learning about exploration of the Americas, the colonial times, and the world cultures in the corresponding time period.

We will be using the materials recommended by MFW, together with the 2nd-3rd Grade supplement.

We might be using some parts of the 2nd-3rd Grade supplement for the following years, like these.

We will be using our own notebook pages for the history component.
These are some examples.

I have to be very honest. The student sheets or notebook pages are not difficult to do on your own. Lil Sis might do more oral narration than notebook pages.

Last year we realized that the audiobook of the Story of the World helped a lot; therefore, we will be using that again this year.

For the president study, there was a nice download of black and white photos of the presidents. I made notebook pages for them instead of using the cards. Or your can use this ready-made one here

For the state study, I will work on an easy worksheet for each state.

I am still deciding how we would do the state report, but I think the kids will have a great time doing it.

We will attempt the read-a-louds too.

I am so excited to be memorizing the book of James with the whole family this year! (Hubby is on board too.) We will be using the NLT version (the version unanimously voted by everyone). 

I am also excited that the older two will be doing this inductive study. It looks really interesting!

For Lil Sis, I have made copywork for her for the selected verses, but she will memorize with us. This is an example
I used the Donna Young Handwriting Lined Paper and the Primer font.


We will be studying Botany first, with the sequence:
Aug - Lessons 1,6,11
Sep - Lessons 12,2,3
Oct - Lessons 4,5,7
Nov - Lessons 8,9
Dec - Lessons 10,13

I think this will work better, weather-wise.

We will study the world of animals in the winter

I did simple notebook pages for the lessons. Alternatively, the kids may add in their notes on lined-papers.

The kids will continue in Singapore Math. They have worked through the summer on their math and Big Bro will continue 5B, Big Sis 3B, and Lil Sis 1B.


We will continue to use Kang Hsuan materials.


I invested in Artistic Pursuits (Book 2) this year. I think we have tried enough of God and the History of Art and the kids really wanted more projects than learning about art. Hope this will help!

Baby Sis will continue her preschool fun.
The themes for this year will be
Aug - Summer
Sep - All about me
Oct - Fall
Nov - Thanksgiving
Dec - Christmas
Jan - Community helpers
Feb - Valentine's Day
Mar - Transportation
Apr - Fairy Tales

These were our summer readings
Big Sis
Big Bro