Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Toddler/Preschool Busy Bag II

Continued from last post...


Dress up toys (or paper dolls, which I will make more soon)

Activity books (or books)



Sticks stuff it in

Alphabet puzzle we got for a $1 at Staples
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Toddler/Preschool Busy Bag

Many of us have those. The tag-alongs. The students on audit. The needing-attention-while-you-school.
So I prepared some busy bags in the beginning of the school year, to occupy the preschooler and the toddler. Now, the preschooler has school work, so it's the toddler mostly. We found that the busy bags work very well when we go to church and the toddler sits in the service with us.

Before I put everything in a box. I think that's too much and they get bored easier. I'm planning on putting 4 to 5 activities in the box for a couple days and then switch to others.

Here are some we have at the moment and some we'll do.

Wipe clean books. She's ready for them now and not use the marker everywhere else.

The cute church toy

Paper, scissors, paper cutters

Dot magnets and dot a dot alphabet

Mini Connect-Four. No, they cannot play, but they like to put them in.

Dress up dolls. I made the clothes myself. The girls weren't THAT interested in this though.

Puzzles. My littlest LOVE puzzles

Leapfrog farm

Melissa and Doug shape sorter clock

Melissa and Doug alphabet puzzle

Shape and Color book (made by my friend)

File folder game

File Folder game



Dot a Dot markers. To draw, make dots on worksheets etc

Leapfrog leaptop

Leapfrog "book"
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

MFW 1st grade Days 82-86

Bible Note book

The littlest ruined our 100 chart and Ian redid it. Such amazing penmanship, don't you think?

We found this app we LOVE!!! (that we got for free) Math Express

Really cute that you get to take a pic of the child in the train!

We learnt about fractions. I LOVE how Complete Book of Math teaches it, but Ian is having a hard time digesting. Takes him a while.

Our littlest is quite occupied for school. =)


She is beginning to like the folder games I made for Colleen the year before!
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MFW 1st Days 82-86 Preschool

We used the Nativity and Christmas Packs this week for a lot of good fun!

1st letters practice. She is getting real good at this!
Gingerbread men folder game (even the littlest love this)

I love this one! =)

using the cutting practice, my ingenious girl thinks it's a crown

matching uppercase letters to lower ones


Story timeline of the nativity story

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