Monday, April 15, 2013

MFW K, Adventures week 30: TRancontinental railroad, CO

Girl has finished K materials, so we do phonics, Math and reading. Now she is reading Cat in the Hat. My hope is that she read more fluently for summer and ready for 1st grade.

For Adventures, we started Grandma's Attic and I like it a lot more than Mountain Born because it's easier to read and quite a fun book!
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Monday, April 8, 2013

MFW K 2013: Y-Yellow Adventures Week 29: KS, WV,NV,NE

It's the last week for the curriculum and the last time we sing the A-apple song until the next one goes to K!

Color by numbers Yarn

PRESCHOOL: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse preschool pack (FUN!)
And we read a very nice Chinese book from Auntie J.
And we drew the Rainbow
Read Mouse Paint (another great book!) and did color mixing. The girls had a lot of fun with it.
Flower color book.

And the big girl is reading!

This is a great book for her.


We learnt about KS, WV, NV and NE.
Read some books on those states and also talked about magnet. The boy loves the idea. We did not get the magnet kit.

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MFW K 2013: Q-q Quail, Adventures week 28


For Q-quail, there isn't a lot of special work, but we read quite a bit.
The girl can read now! =) These are the books she was working on.

For Adventures we learnt about the Civil War and we also did all the drills of everyday work - Spelling, Language, Math, Science, reading (We started on Mountain Born and the chapters can be a bit tough for boy)
And we did Science. Seems like a lot of balloon expanding recently.
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