Wednesday, February 27, 2013

MFW K 2013: J-j Jewel, MFW Adventures Week 23

For Adventures, we did four states' study: Arkansas, Michigan, Maine, Missouri.
Other than that we continued on spelling, Language, Math and cursive drills. (and we read Plum Creek)


 Made these lovely things because of the idea of Pinterest. BUT! I probably won't make again. The smell was way too toxic.
Jewel Thumbprint cookies. Always a hit. Last time I remember to take the final product picture
Bingo with the jewels
Preschool game. I like it, she was...ok.
Finding the J
Making necklaces of course.

And we learnt to sing Lord You are more precious.
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Saturday, February 16, 2013

MFW Adventures: Week 22 Illinois, Alabama

Learning about Illinois (land of Lincoln)
Boy asked me to do a book like that and it's just so like him to like it.

Learning about Alabama, George Washington Carver and the sweet potato pie.
And learning that you just can't forget the eggs in sweet potato pie. It'll be mush pie.
He's learning cursive because he is REALLY interested. Great site here for that
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Chinese New Year

I haven't been very good at teaching our children the cultures and traditions important to our hearts. I really should. When I was young, I was immersed in the culture and we didn't need to be "taught". There might be some need for me now to intentionally teach our children.

Chinese New Year is a great opportunity.

It is also filled with much superstitious legends and ungodly traditions. Yet, there are things that are interesting enough without contradicting our faith.

I told the story of Nian to the children and did some CNY crafts.

Seize the Day!

It was our day off school. We have one of that every week, so we can rest, catch up on reading, playing, doing "school" in a more relaxed manner.

The sun beckoned us today. God broke through the winter greys and presented us the golden day.

"Can we go out?" the boy asked, without much hope. It has been pretty much "stay-in" winter.

Seize the day! I thought. Yes we should, dear.

Yes?! did you say yes?

Yes I did. I smiled.

YAY! went all of the little ones.

We had some issues with our neighbor (a long drawn one, with a not so reasonable neighbor) and in one of nasty talks we had with her, she said "I regret the way I raised XXX(her son, who is 20 now)" (referring to the way the kids had to be quiet in apartments). Her son's comments in the end of the talk was "children suffer the most in apartments where they are expected to be quiet"

OH MY. Those words stuck with me for a long time. NO. I refuse to "regret". Her time and chance had passed. My children are in the peak of their childhood. With as much work I can muster and all the grace I can beseech from God, my children are going to live their childhood the way childhood should be. They are not to tiptoe around the house, restrain their limbs in a way that they can't enjoy the bodies God created for them.

SO. I took them down to savor the day. Bringing four children out on my own, especially during winter, is a real challenge for me (I know many do not have my problem, that's my weakness).

A little running, jump-roping, and poking a molehill of ice that did not melt were all they did. And all they needed to get those air into their lungs and joy into their heart.

Thank you God, for the day.
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MFW K: R-Rock 2013

our acrylic paints dried out, so we used stickers for the rock "painting" instead.
Singing the vowel song
Quiet Time activity. I made a craft box and they LOVE it
They became a card-making factory!
we sang "Wise man builds his house upon the rock"
Girl wrote this story in the morning.
Translated: I woke up from bed and walk out from the room and was quiet and did nothing except reading and drawing. The End.
I went to bed and go out from my bed (*not sure what's the next linie*) I talked my mom siting and went back to bed. I woke up and saw the clock and woke up. The end.
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MFW Adventures week 21: Robert Fulton, Juice, Indiana, Missisippi

Science: Plant cells, from juice

look at the cells (sacs)
observe the juice and realize juice takes up space
Lemon juice and the invisible secret msg
Robert Fulton
The secret msg
After ironing. It was hard to write so hard to decipher, but the kid was very surprised when the words appear.

We continue to read books related to the states we are studying and we also continued reading aloud "On the banks of Plum Creek"
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MFW K: Z-Zebra 2013

There was not a lot of special things for Zebra, but some homeschool days are like that.
We didn't get the books we'll like to read on this subject!
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MFW K: K-Kangaroo 2013

This is not part of "school" as per se, but the girls get really creative with socks. =)
This was snack for one day. I try, as best as I could, to add a little fun to our daily lives. You see, I really wish I can cultivate in them the value I deem as very important: a little creativity goes a long way in making life wonderful.
We are learning Chinese in a different way now. I print out a song they know by heart and we learn some important words form the song.
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MFW Adventures Week 20: Louisiana Purchase, Louisiana

Seeds Experiment: Do seeds need water to grow?

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5

I found my son's "work" after our quiet time and I really get a huge kick out of it!!! He loves writing, copying so much!
One Monday morning, he declined to go out with the grannies and his sisters (their usual "homeschool" Mondays with the grannies), and he decided he'll have school on his own. I gave a list of what he needed to do and he set out to do them. Finished within an hour and he was mighty proud of himself. I am proud of him too, of course.
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