Friday, July 31, 2015

Quiet Books Part 2

More pages done!

I got the template from here. I like the interchange between fabric and felt.

This is my old pajamas top. =)

Lil Sis gave me the idea of the belly button. She is so creative.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Quiet Books

I have been salivating after the quiet books for a long time. I just felt that I do not have the time, nor the expertise or energy.

For some reason, I decided this time I would attempt at it!

Turns out, it is a very therapeutic fun project for me. I really enjoy the cutting, sewing process. I do not know how my baby girl is going to enjoy it, but I already feel that this process is important for me.

I will update the book as I go along. For now, I made two pages but I have not finished the binding for the page (still figuring how to do it).

And they have reversible colors!

I put cardboard in between the fabric/felt to make it firmer.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Liberty Science Center

Today is a special day. Because of our membership in our local Science Center, we get to have a "courtesy" visit to the Liberty Science Center for free today!

It is a very well-done Science Center with a lot of hands on play and also information. The kids had a really good time!

The Honey Bee Exhibit

There are 6 stations at the outdoor "playground" and even though they are fairly simple, I think the concept is interesting.

The TapeScape got quite a few points from our kids. It looked like a giant structure of saran wrap but they had so much fun.

They have a section JUST for the littles. Very cute. This rice tray is already a BIG hit.
The balls structure is very captivating.

Block Party is a very fun space! These soft blocks make fun design.

There was a space exhibit which made a WONDERFUL introduction to our Science class next year.

This is a fun game to play!

Our kids LOVED the infinity climber.

LOOK OUT! Hubby didn't dare to walk on these. The kids went up 18 feet and braved it out!
This section was teaching about skyscrapers.