Monday, May 16, 2016

Teach Them Diligently Sandusky OHIO 2016

We were very blessed to have the resources to drive 8+ hours to Ohio for the Teach Them Diligently Convention. It was such a wonderful time for us.

The kids had a CRAZY time at the waterpark. Their first time!! I was amazed at the courage of our older ones to go on the rides.

My hubby and I were so filled up by the speakers. The sessions were really encouraging. We especially gained a lot from Todd Wilson and Karen DeBeus.

We were also quite excited about the museum of the Bible, coming to D.C in July 2017.

I had the chance to enjoy some time with moms at the Evening of Real Refreshment. Mennonites worshiping with Pentecostals? Why not? =) It was an interesting experience. I appreciate the work put in by the team.

I feel that TTD was VERY well organized and they had a ton of great speakers. I only wished the times for meals were not that rushed. =)

Thank God for a mom on facebook to remind me the use of crockpot liners. OH MY!!! It saved our sanity not having to wash the crockpot in the little sink.

We did easy lunches in the room and also crockpot meals: Chicken Salsa and Chinese Soy Minced Meat (turned out to be meat balls) REALLY good!!

We actually toured a little more of the east of midwest (Pittsburg, Ohio, Indiana) before the conference and it was so good. That will be in a separate post.

Friday, May 6, 2016

1st Grade, Rome to Reformation Week 34: Exploration, Space Travel

Big Bro did his CAT test last week(a requirement for NY state) and it wrapped up our year. He did amazingly well and scored a few grade levels above his own for all categories. We are proud of him and how much he has achieved.


We reviewed all the bible verses we learnt this year.

We talked about bible translation and since we have friends who are bible translators, I asked the kids to write down questions they are curious and have our friends reply them. 

1. Do you know all the languages in order to translate? 
First, translating a Bible is project involving many people. There are always mother-tongue speakers of the language the Bible is being translated into. The 'ideal' translator is one who can read the original Greek or Hebrew, read English (because of commentaries and translation helps available in English), and knows linguistics and translation theory as well as the national language of the country (because the translator has to live there), and the language the Bible is being translated into.

Very rarely does any person know all these things. So a committee is formed with full- and part-time workers to fill in these gaps. Often a person from SIL knows several of these things and serves as a coordinator to keep it all working. Also SIL supplies consultants and quality control checking as needed.

2. How long does it take to translate at least one third of the bible?
Depending on the difficulties and people available, a New Testament (about 1/4 of the Bible) can be translated very quickly in 5 to 7 years. This only happens if a very similar language has a completed translation that can be computer adapted to make decent rough draft. In general, 10 to 15 years are usually needed to complete a NT.

3. Do you have to have a bible by your side when translating?
Yes it is very important to have a Bible by your side when translating. In fact, it's very good to have several Bible available to help by suggesting different ways to describe the same ideas. Translators use Bibles on the computer quite a bit.

4. How many languages are there that you have to translate?
There are over 7000 languages in the world. Some of them are dying languages, and some of them have some or all of the Bible. Right now translators are working in well over 1,000 languages already, and our best guess is that there are a little under 2,000 languages that still need the Bible and don't yet have anyone working on them.

5. Do you like translating Bible?
I enjoy the little bit of translating I have done. I am a consultant that helps to check other people's Bible translations. I also am a teacher who helps to train people that will be translators.

6. Do you write by hand?
No, not usually. We mostly work on the computer. We have special computer programs that help translators keep track of all the complicated things in the Bible. The programs also make it easier to send to a printer who will print the completed books.

7. Do you need to memorize the whole Bible?
No, we don't have to memorize the whole Bible. But the more someone has memorized the Bible, the more it will help with the work--and with living a life following the Lord.

8. How many Bible have you translated?
This is a little bit like question 4.  I have not translated any Bibles. Since we have arrived in SE Asia, maybe 30 NTs have been completed, and maybe almost 10 complete Bibles in the area.

Our friends, who are missionaries with Wycliffe, suggested this page for more resources for kids.

We talked about the exploration into the "New World" and made more maps of the explorers.

The older kids continued on Rod and Staff English (they will continue to do this in summer)

We stopped Mandarin Chinese for this week.

We did a review on the English from the Roots Up
We continued to practice Math.

We talked about space travel.

We watched many interesting videos of astronauts in the International Space Station (you can find them easily on youtube).

We also watched on on Scottt Kelly, the astronaut who spent one year in space.
We calculated how long it would take for us to travel to all the planets (including Pluto)


We did not do art this week.

We will be going to the Teach Them Diligently Conference in Ohio this week. After that we have families visiting and some family vacations planned. 

Other than that, Big Bro and Big Sis will finish up their Rod and Staff English (they only have a few lessons left). 

Big Bro will continue Singapore Math 5B and Big Sis 3B for the entire summer. They will do an exercise or half everyday just to keep in track. Lil Sis will finish Singapore Math 1B.

I also made Mandarin Chinese review worksheets for them that they have to do, a little everyday.

They are not going on summer camps or programs, so the rest of the summer, they will play, read, and relax. Mommy will prepare for next year and it is already looking so enticing!! =)

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