Thursday, September 29, 2011

MFW Days32-36 Preschool

Mitten Counting (for the theme of snow)
alphabet magnets
Dot to Dot
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MFW 1st Grade Days 32-36

The Snowy Day/Katy and the Big Snow Lapbook

I decided to do some lapbooks using the ideas from BFIAR (Before Five in a Row) or FIAR, since we are going to read some books from Honey for the Child's Heart.

I got many many wonderful ideas from here

This week since the these came in from the library's reserves, we did both books on snow.

The snow covered tree (Snowy Day)

The sequence of Snowy Day


Katy and the Big Snow (Community Helpers)

From OUR community: The NYC Yellow Cab!

Matching Community Helpers to buildings/vehicles (Katy)

Road Signs Book

We did some Geography using the free downloaded book we got from Scholastic 
(*gasp*! They are no longer free and cost $9.99 NOW! but they are quite good)
This week was on Addition. We did some puzzles, continue to do sums and next week we'll do some Munching Math.

Books we read for Math and Science (forgot to take pictures)
River story (Hooper) 
The Raft (Jim Lamarche)
The magic school bus at the waterworks 
Quack and Count (baker)
Animals on Board (Murphy)  

Saturday, September 17, 2011

MFW Days 27-31 Preschool

I did not put in file covers, I did not laminate. What did I do? I put it under the plastic mat that's on our dining table. GENIUS. ;P

File Folder Match

Fun with Sizes (Patilla) book.

Finding and coloring shapes from her coloring pages

Find the alphabet. She can recognize most of the uppercase alphabets!

A fun iPad app to practice her numbers

For Exploration Day we went downstairs to play at the playground and ride bikes. Colleen spent all the time picking up these little seeds (they are REALLY tiny)...I wonder what they are...
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MFW 1st Grade Days 27-31

It was shapes week and it's not a lot of worksheets involved. So, I asked Ian to go take pictures of stuff in the house that is of a certain shapes. It was a fun exercise for him.

After the photo session we read "Shapes Shapes Shapes" and saw other things in real life that have shapes. We had quite some fun in this book.

We do sums everyday (now it's addition of single digits or up to 10). And one day I let him do sums on iPad on this app (Mad Math) and he LOVED it. I won't do it all the time. Don't want technology to take over everything, but it was fun for him.

And we played our own version of Number War One day, using iPad as the score keeper.
I made a stack of 100 cards. We each flip over a card and the greater number gets a point. If it's a "ten" (like 20, or 30 etc) we have a "war". Each put out 4 cards, the least of the 4 cards is the war card. The greater of the two wins.

Book/Lapbook: Miss Rumphius.

I got TONS of ideas of Miss Rumphius here. It was a wonderful book to do a lapbook on. If I didn't do MFW, I probably will really enjoy FIAR. =)

The seeds booklet

SCIENCE: Thunderstorms
One Dark Night is a wonderful book. So is Flash, Crash, Rumble and Roll. Ian really got the idea of lightning and thunder. Henry and Mudge is easy to read and a fun story. Storms is a little too much.

We revised Obedience, Diligence and Attentiveness. We also memorized Ps 21:30 (There is no wisdom, no plan, no insight that can succeed against the Lord).

And we tackled the "oo" and the "oo" words. Not easy!

We learnt to draw the Bible map...will continue on Mon.

Friday, September 9, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 22-26

The kids contracted some kind of stomach virus this week...we took school slow.

I did this number wheel before with Ian and now with Colleen.
We also did quite a bit of practicing on her number and alphabets. She is doing very very well on that!
With our new iPad, I even tried some apps with her...will do some review of them soon, I hope.
The Littlest having some fun with free sticker sticking. She's the real sticker girl in our family.
1st grade:
Here is Ian trying to learn to put spacing in his handwriting
This is a funny one...Ian giving a "sum" to Colleen...which she can't complete of course.

Last week we didn't manage to finish the seeds this week we continue and Ian drew them on his Science journal.
And we did the Rain in the Jar experiment again (last time it failed) because we were talking about rain.

We talked about comparing. Greater than/Lesser than, etc...I LOVE the Two Greedy Bear book, so fun! I read it to the kids while eating a piece of cheese (I'm the fox) They were so amused. =)

We played the "What's my number" game too (guessing number by saying "greater" or "lesser"). Even Colleen enjoyed the game, but she can only do 1-10 of course.
A pity the Science books didn't come in time. We only had this this week. Hopefully next week we'll catch up with all the rain/thunder books.

I really like how MFW teaches about the Bible. This week is about who're the authors (Author) of the bible.
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Monday, September 5, 2011


SOOOO cool! The metrocard came. Ian was SUPER excited!

We can only use it Mon-Fri 5:30am-8:30pm and we can use it for three trips.

MFW 1st Grade Days 17-21

All of a sudden Colleen is starting to write numbers. Ha. So we started more practice (more like herself) to write 1-10

And she is getting good at identifying the alphabet too.
We used the Fun with Numbers (Patilla) book with her to practice numbers and counting
1st Grade
We continue on counting this week.
We talked, read and saw trees.
I decided to go back to Drawing with Children afterall. Some of the warm-ups seem doable. Will see.
A Busy Year (Leo Lionni) 
Meeting Trees (Scott Russell Sanders)
A Log's Life (Wendy Pfeffer)
Tell me, tree (Gail Gibbons) 
Double the ducks (Stuart Murphy)
Missing mittens (Stuart Murphy)  

Exploration Day! We went to Old Westbury Gardens. It felt like I walked into a Jane Austen's novel...feeling more right in a gown than a pair of jeans. It was wonderful that the kids had fun the gardens and enjoying nature.

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