Monday, September 5, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 17-21

All of a sudden Colleen is starting to write numbers. Ha. So we started more practice (more like herself) to write 1-10

And she is getting good at identifying the alphabet too.
We used the Fun with Numbers (Patilla) book with her to practice numbers and counting
1st Grade
We continue on counting this week.
We talked, read and saw trees.
I decided to go back to Drawing with Children afterall. Some of the warm-ups seem doable. Will see.
A Busy Year (Leo Lionni) 
Meeting Trees (Scott Russell Sanders)
A Log's Life (Wendy Pfeffer)
Tell me, tree (Gail Gibbons) 
Double the ducks (Stuart Murphy)
Missing mittens (Stuart Murphy)  

Exploration Day! We went to Old Westbury Gardens. It felt like I walked into a Jane Austen's novel...feeling more right in a gown than a pair of jeans. It was wonderful that the kids had fun the gardens and enjoying nature.

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  1. Looks like you had a great week! I like your photo collages too.

    Thanks for linking up. Kattie at will be hosting the next link up.

  2. I never used Drawing with Children, hope it works out for you. Looks like you had a great exploration day! Thanks for linking up and sharing :0)