Friday, August 3, 2012

MFW Kindergarten S-Sun Unit 2012

Tactile "s" (we didn't get Laurie, we got the $1 from Staples. ;P)
Sun Dot-to-dot
Arranging the cards and singing A-a-apple song
A collaborative project: The Sun Plate
Finished project (it is good to have ONE project in the house)
Big brother wanted to do his own version
Yup! Back to the cutting and pasting
I really like the new Math pages
She was quite good in the drawing page.
Morning Board (Yup! I definitely make things A LOT easier for me this time around, compared to here)
Earth and Sun
Books we read

The pre-preschooler was very happy she did the puzzle
Dot-a-dot worksheet
Shadow game (a new folder game we got here. Will use it for leaves too)

Resources for S-Sun, see here
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