Friday, August 10, 2012

MFW Kindergarten M-Moon 2012

This app is quite good in tracing! (We got it when it was free, now it's $1.99)

Sorting out S and M cards

Making moon phases


Sticking M

Very proud of her work

Rocket Match

All my extra materials can be found here

The sad part was, even though I reserved some GREAT books (Papa please get the moon for me, Moongame, Happy Birthday Moon) we lost the library card, so we didn't have the books. We did read "Little Bear" though (and the K'ner LOVED the entire book)

We also watched Papa Please get the moon for me on youtube and we played with the Goodnight Moon Lapbook that Big Brother did in K

I felt like I did A LOT more when Big Brother was in K, but this time because Colleen also participated in some stuff Big Brother is doing and we have more things to juggle, I don't do as much for K...I should remember to add in the fun stuff and do them again though!

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