Friday, August 3, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 3: Jamestown and Pocahontas

Retelling of the story
We really enjoy "Squanto". But I find that it's really A LOT of reading this I'm trying to go slow, maybe put some reading in the afternoon. Sometimes he reads, sometimes I do.
"Pocahontas" book was a good easy read for him. We went through the "Powhatan Indians" too. The other books are used as reference/pictures.

Didn't managed to do the Science experiment this week, but while we were biking we did talk about air pressure and how it pushes the tires.

We did graphs and counting up to 40 this week.

Oh! We did find a couple of fun online games on abcya that Ian played. And we listened again to "God Bless America" from here (I like the Kate Smith version...more vintage)
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