Friday, August 17, 2012

MFW K L-Leaves 2012

GREAT books. We LOVE them ESPECIALLY caps for sale. I think I (and big brother) already read like 10 times.

Girl is very independent on the morning board now. I'm very proud of her!

I love the new (used) Cuisenaire rods and book we got!

Leaves Math ( I got this one here)

Drawing Page

Tracing page

Writing on her own

Making Leaves and Lion (since it's also "L") cookies. Not pretty, but tastes WONDERFUL! Got the recipe here

Leaves Rubbing


SOOO Fun! I made the worksheets into a lapbook/folder game kind of so we can reuse it. Thank you, HomeschoolCreations!


You can get more info from the top page "MFW K/1st, L-Leaves"

We are going on vacation next week and I hope we can continue the "L-Leaves" unit while we are there, picking leaves, making rubbings and all...


  1. Came across your blog while looking for books for our L Unit. Got more than just a book list while I was here, thank so much! Will check back to follow you through the school year! - Moose