Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 School"room"

In case anyone is interested, this is how we do school in a small NYC 2-bedroom apartment. We do school at the dining table. Afterall, it IS the place where many amazing conversations were held!

Not too different from last year.

 First, our board is simpler. oh wait. There is NO BOARD! =) hahaha...I used the paper rings as a border and that will be our "Jesus" Poster this year (for Adventures). I use poster tack to put the verses up.

Then, our morning board is simpler too. Trying to cut clutter in the house.

The map (I really should have gotten TWO maps, instead of flipping the US map and world map back and forth) is under the vinyl cover. I REALLY like the map the time we REALLY want to study the states, I think Ian would have memorized the map after SOOOO many months of looking at it!

Alright, here's the corner.hmm...quite a mess, but I TRY!!!
Morning Board + Kindergarten board (I'm only putting up the card, and the phrase for the week)
Trying to keep things simple, for we have a baby coming in Oct and I don't want to start something too complicated and not finish it.

My little K'ner girl is adorable. She would go change the dates/days herself everyday even on non-school days.=)
My other school stuff are in another cabinet. Papers, work from past years, my handy dandy laminator etc. And OH!!! Look! The ant farm....sooo exciting to do it this year again!!! (can you see my fake grin??? I love the project but REALLY REALLY REALLY don't like ants)
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