Thursday, August 30, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 6: New Netherlands

I would say this was the highlight of this week. The experiment was fun and the kids were very amused to find the balloon getting bigger. We didn't have time to do the 2nd part of the experiment, but perhaps we'll do it this weekend.

The Courage of Sarah Noble is a good read. And we read quite a bit of American Pioneers and Patriots on New Amsterdam, important for us, since it is New York City. And we read a couple "questions" of the "If you lived in Colonial Times" book every day.

Memory verse of the week. I really like how MFW teaches on the different verse on bread this week, leading to Jesus being the bread of life.

Next week we'll bake the bread, make butter and do the bread napkin holders.

We practiced two digit addition with carry-over this week. Quite a concept to grasp so we practiced quite a bit.

We are on lesson 6, which is a review of lessons 1-5.

We also started on dictation and I chose a passage from a book DS REALLY loves and already memorized. He still needs reminders on his capitalization of letters though.

This is a short week, I did more reading today, so we only did three days of school, because daddy has a surprise day off tomorrow for Labor Day. =) But DS joined in A LOT of the A-Apples activities for K because he REALLY REALLY likes that unit.

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    ps: Looks like you guys are have a great year!