Monday, January 31, 2011

P-Penguin Unit Plan

We'll be on vacation!! When others were snowed in, having their winter breaks and all the other Jewish holidays, we had school throughout. Now it's our turn to take a break.

 It'll be wonderful to see grannies again and when we come back, we'll be going on to P-Penguin Unit. I wish we'll have a chance to visit the zoo in our vacation, so we can see some elephants, horses, goats and of course, PENGUINS. =)
  March of the Penguins would have been such a great movie for the unit...but I don't think my sentimental boy will take it. (I was bawling myself) Too much for his heart. Too long anyway. I might show the trailer here
  Other things we would do: *

Video of penguins 
*Online non-fiction story book of the penguins
*dot to dot worksheet
*Itsy Book on penguin 
*Color by number penguin worksheet
*VERY interesting and simple Science activities to learn about penguins 
*Simple facts
*easy toilet roll penguin craft
*Easy Science experiment: will it slide?
*P-tracing for preschooler *Learn about Antarctic and other places penguins live in
*Discuss how we can honor our family members

*Penguin Tanagram  

Bible Verse Rom 12:10
Love each other deeply. Honor others more than yourselves

Book List
Penguins Gail Gibbons
Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester A Penguin Pup for Pinkerton by Steven Kellogg
Tacky and the Emperor by Helen Lester

Friday, January 28, 2011

H-Horse Unit

Wasn't a lot to be done in this unit. But I started giving the preschooler some letter tracing. She likes it.
Also begin to teach/reinforce sequential words "first, second, third" for the word list.

We really like haystacks. It was yummy!

And the kids really like videos of horse birthing. (They don't find it gross at all. =P)

We did not watch Flika. In fact we are trying to see how we can cut down computer time. Ian uses the computer a lot to type now. (and he types really well)

Monday, January 24, 2011

E-Elephant Unit Plan

For this unit, we found TONS of WONDERFUL worksheets on this site. In fact, the Learning Page is seriously a site I would go back to again. Great resources and wonderful graphics.

We'll be doing some worksheets for the K'er and some simple Math ones and tracing of the letter "e" for the preschooler (she has begun to learn to trace)

Other activities/worksheets (for both K'ner and preschooler):
Elephant craft using shapes
Video on elephants
Letter Hunt (a new page from Confessionsofahomeschooler) great stuff!
Tracing "E"
Connect the dots (alphabets)
Shape counting worksheet
Counting God's blessings 
this elephant breakfast looks real cute. 
I don't know if we have the time to do it but I'll post it anyway

Our booklist (There were SOOO many in the forum! I chose some and also depending on the availability of them in our library)
Horton hears a who
Horton hatched the egg
An elephant and piggie book: My friend is sad
An elephant and piggie book: There is a bird on your head
I love my mama
The elephant's ears

Bible: Ps 103:2 I will praise the Lord I won't forget anything He does for me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update on the Anthill

So. Since our last update, the tunnels have been a little different... In fact the tunnels even went though CHANGES! As in the ants would burrow, and then would fill it up and then burrow again or something. Maybe the architect had a change of mind.

We observed other things. They didn't really sleep in the tunnels at first. They huddle in the bottom or on the top. Weird.

And one day I had to air out the hill cos of condensation. Before I knew it, an ant escaped. I felt so bad but I had to kill it. =( First unnatural death.

Then the 1st natural death happened. He bent over and curled up like a cooked shrimp. An ant kept wanting to move him away. But there doesn't seem to have any location the carrier is going.

Then I saw one ant "carrying" another (biting I mean) I thought it was a fight. But he was just carrying it up to the top...hmm...Then I realized the one had one feeler off. In the fight? I can't say.

Anyhows, After day....16/17, I tried to put in food, they didn't really eat. I thought they are dying soon. But today is day 26 and most are still living. hmm...I have such thoughts about the anthill!! Will write about it next time.

C-Cow Unit

We wanted Moo-moo, our Hershey cow to join us in the C-Cow unit. She did, but I forgot to take pics every time.

We love the dairy feast. It was fun to try so many dairy products!

We didn't get to make ice-cream though. Homeschooling till now has really been a blast. 

Ian is learning way more than I taught. He is enjoying to write his own stories. It's amazing. He also can do a lot of Math sums. Quite amazing to me.

For the Wordlist page, now I sometimes do "read the 3rd word on the 1st line" or something...Trying new things. For I know he can read all the words, but he's still learning "1st, 2nd, 3rd etc" and getting used to listening to English for instructions.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

H-Horse Unit Plan

Horses are just amazingly beautiful animals! I don't get to see one alot, but these pictures make me stand in awe. 
 Anyhows, we don't have a WHOLE lot to the unit, but to learn the principles "to obey right away" is sometimes a difficult task for our kids...something we can continue to encourage them in this unit 

 *Videos on horses 
*Make haystacks as snacks
 *Comparison between horses and cars 
*Treasure hunt by obeying instructions 
*Classification/organization of different types of animals
*some nice worksheets for Horse - wordsearch, coloring
*Toilet roll craft 
 IF we find it ok, we MIGHT watch Flicka together. But it'll be a full length movie, so I can't tell if it's ok. 
 Booklist (a very pitiful selection we had from our library) 
Everything but the horse
 Teeny tiny ernest
 Twist and ernest 
 Bible Verse - COl 3:20

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

C-Cow Unit Plan

Didn't find a lot of extra stuff for this unit, but there are some good materials here that we'll use:
*Videos of milking process/farm here and here (this is a very short milk production video)
*cow and its products mobile here (last page)
*Make ice-cream in bag (maybe?) 
*Dairy Day
*props for hey diddle diddle can be found here

Milk From Cow to Carton – Aliki
And the Cow Said Moo - Mildred Phillips 
Click Clack Moo, Cows That Type - Doreen Cronin 
Cows Going Past by Bruce Balan
Sixteen Cows by Lisa Wheeler
Mooooove Over! by Karen Magnuson Biel 
The story of Ferdinand
Moo Baa lalala
 Cows have calves

Bible Lord,I really love your law! All day long I spend time thinking about it Psalms 119:97

Goat Unit

For Goat's Unit we talked in depth of the sacrifice Jesus took for us. I think it's worthwhile to do it. I think the impactful exercise was for the kids to write down their sins (things they do wrong) and then paste the cross over to signify that Jesus died for those sins.
I might have taught the "white" in wordless book wrong...but it's fine. They got it.
We did a bit of Math Drill for Day 6 too. I think I'll start to make Day 6 Book and Math Day. (since it's cold now and we can't really go out)