Wednesday, January 12, 2011

H-Horse Unit Plan

Horses are just amazingly beautiful animals! I don't get to see one alot, but these pictures make me stand in awe. 
 Anyhows, we don't have a WHOLE lot to the unit, but to learn the principles "to obey right away" is sometimes a difficult task for our kids...something we can continue to encourage them in this unit 

 *Videos on horses 
*Make haystacks as snacks
 *Comparison between horses and cars 
*Treasure hunt by obeying instructions 
*Classification/organization of different types of animals
*some nice worksheets for Horse - wordsearch, coloring
*Toilet roll craft 
 IF we find it ok, we MIGHT watch Flicka together. But it'll be a full length movie, so I can't tell if it's ok. 
 Booklist (a very pitiful selection we had from our library) 
Everything but the horse
 Teeny tiny ernest
 Twist and ernest 
 Bible Verse - COl 3:20

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