Monday, January 25, 2010

Homeschool Routine/Content Pre K Jan 2010

Our schooling time is about an hour every morning at about 9am, after Mommy cleans up the house and reads the bible. Actually Ian is learning all the time. School time is just a set apart time so that he can learn to sit down to do some work.
These are some of the things we do:
1. Workbook time (Math and Language).
I like these workbooks, quite fun and good pictures. They are gifts from C & F.
2. Online Games (Computer skills, motor skills)
We do some educational games and Ian practises his eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills besides all the other skills the games teaches (Math, Logic, Language, Art)
3. Online Story Time (Language, Literature)
We love storyline online and we already read Sebastian's roller skates, Polar Express and Brave Irene.
4. Board Games (Social Skills, Colors, Math)
We played Little Engine Game and Ladybug game (click on pic)
5. Art Time
Some times we do art, like painting, cards, drawing etc
6. Library Time or Reading Time(Literature, Field Trips)
We visit the library to borrow books and that's good school time. Other times we read books we borrowed from the library and I've started to borrow some Beginner Reader Series, like the Biscuit series.
7. Other outings
During the fall we sometimes go to the park/playground and that's school time too...physical ed maybe? =)
8. Other materials
Once in a while I may find some interesting materials and would do that with Ian.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Online Resources: Sesame Street Games

I love the Sesame Street Games...I think they are the best for preschoolers.
They teach important concepts, at the same time, making computer skills real easy. For eg, there is no "click and drag"...that's hard for them...there's "click" "move" "click".
There are some games Ian really likes...(click on photo for the games)That's the Wheels on the Bus song (you press the keys foe interactive movements)
Patterns. Seasons. Fun for the kids.

Walking the dogs...numbers.

This is alltime favorite. First you make a pitcher of lemonade. Then depending on how many monsters come, you click however many cups. I love it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Math and Lifeskills: Grocery Shopping

I printed out pics of different grocery items: some kinds of fruits, tofu, egg, bread, and even Ian's favorite "Yakult". Then we played "grocery". I told him to buy for me the certain number of items, like 2 apples, 1 orange...and he has to go "buy". He wasn't quite able to be attentive enough to remember all the items, but is great in taking one item at a time. Also he is much able to do it when I write a grocery "list" for him.
Learning: counting, memory
This can be expanded (to more items) and also when he grows older to add in the money component.

Shapes and animals

An activity we did last year. Learning: shapes & patterns

Material Resource: Hooked on Phonics

Last Summer at a great sale I bought this kit for $16 after shipping (it's selling for $68+ on CBD now). The Yellow Workbook (Uppercase letters) is mostly revision for Ian since he knows the uppercase. There are activities (using the cards) with every revision break and I thought they are quite interesting. There are also early phonetic activities (like picking out which words have same ending sounds) but Ian is not good at that. They also have CD-Rom for him to play.
We have finished the Red Workbook (lowercase letters) and Ian is now very proficient in the letters. He is much better in the mirror-image now.
We have not started blue book for he's not good with phonetic sounds.
This material is interesting; however, I have a complaint about this material. It lacks creativity. The games (on the CD-Rom and in the books) are all repetitive. They really could have made it more varied and interactive. For $16 it's ok. I won't pay $70 for this.

Online Resources: Storyline Online

Listen to famous actors/actresses read good children books online. Very captivating, and nice graphics too. Ian's favorite is the Polar Express. Go here.

Online Resource: Paint Kit

Go here Paint Kit gets your creative juices flowin'! These fun printable coloring pages make a nice, simple kindergarten or preschool coloring game. Paint Kit gives creative kids some groovy line drawing to color in one of two ways * Either on on-screen with the paints and paintbrush we provide. * Or printed out on paper with your own crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paints.

Online Resource: Doodle Bug (Funschool)

Go here In this fun bug coloring game, use the ink dropper to color in bug pictures or choose a plain print-out and color them at home. Click on an ink jar to select a new color and then click the area on the image you wish to color.