Thursday, September 27, 2012

Exploration Day: Old Westbury Gardens

We went back to Old Westbury Gardens last weekend. Still enjoyed it!
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MFW Adventures Week 10: America Revolutionary War

Our last week of school before we take a break, slightly more than a month, in anticipation of our 4th child. She should arrive anytime and I'll take a nice month-long recuperation, eating all the good food, herbal concoctions and simply resting. Have printed a stack of Math worksheets for them to work on when they get bored during this time. And I guess they can continue their reading too. Other than that, we'll have fun in the "Home Economics" subject.

Since I'm not an American citizen, learning about the birth of this country has been very very fascinating for me! All new information and some really encouraged me. I felt that every citizen of their own country should really familiarize themselves with how their country come about. It was not an easy road and many had to sacrifice for what this country is today. We should be grateful.
He remembered the liberty bell (from the stamp collection) which his granddad pasted on one of his books.
We started learning about Jesus being the living water

We did quite a number of Science Experiments this week and we really enjoyed them!

We should have done this one many weeks back, but we didn't have heavy cream. My dad bought cream, mistaking it for milk, so we had the chance. It was hard work but really fun for the kids.


Books we read. The kids are quite fascinated by the Nutcracker Ballet. The 18 Penny Goose is an interesting read!
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MFW K D-Dinosaur 2012

Instead of cutting and pasting, I asked her to write this time.
Starting of Blend Ladder 2. She is doing a great job!
D is for Dinosaur Craft
Look what we started! Fascinating but I really don't know if we can truly finish this mammoth project.


Books we read
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Friday, September 21, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 9: George Washington

This is a fun lapbook to do which was free (I didn't let him do a lot but it's nice enough)
Books we borrowed...only read "Four seasons" and "A picture book" (I realize this is a MUST borrow book for the's really good and easy to let the child remember the facts)

We didn't have Sarah Whitcher's story and can't find in we skipped that. Should have read more of boxcar children this week...but we were not as disciplined...
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MFW K U-Us 2012

SENSE OF SIGHT (memory game)

And, having grandpa to do pattern blocks with is kinda fun. =)
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 8: Benjamin Franklin

I know it sounds like we're having too much fun around here...(we're only having 3 days of school this week)...we did finish all the readings and most of the work.
Tomorrow we'll be on vacation to great friend family's home.

This week we are learning about Jesus being the Rock. (Matt 7:24)
Found some great extra worksheets on Benjamin Franklin
Math: we used this manipulative and it works really well!
Benjamin Franklin's notebook
We really like the picture book of Benjamin Franklin. And we finished the Courage of Sarah Noble this week! It's a great book!!
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MFW K T-Turtle 2012

Turtle Color Match File Folder Game
Sea Turtle plates
Alphabet dot-to-dot
We're starting blend ladder!
Cuisenaire rods
The books we read. They LOVE them!

We did quite some Math aside from the Math page too (because my parents are here and this girl LOVES to practice Math)

And we watched some Franklin's video (yes, that turtle) This link is just to show who Franklin is. We watched the videos on youtube.

Link to above activities here
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