Thursday, August 30, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 6: New Netherlands

I would say this was the highlight of this week. The experiment was fun and the kids were very amused to find the balloon getting bigger. We didn't have time to do the 2nd part of the experiment, but perhaps we'll do it this weekend.

The Courage of Sarah Noble is a good read. And we read quite a bit of American Pioneers and Patriots on New Amsterdam, important for us, since it is New York City. And we read a couple "questions" of the "If you lived in Colonial Times" book every day.

Memory verse of the week. I really like how MFW teaches on the different verse on bread this week, leading to Jesus being the bread of life.

Next week we'll bake the bread, make butter and do the bread napkin holders.

We practiced two digit addition with carry-over this week. Quite a concept to grasp so we practiced quite a bit.

We are on lesson 6, which is a review of lessons 1-5.

We also started on dictation and I chose a passage from a book DS REALLY loves and already memorized. He still needs reminders on his capitalization of letters though.

This is a short week, I did more reading today, so we only did three days of school, because daddy has a surprise day off tomorrow for Labor Day. =) But DS joined in A LOT of the A-Apples activities for K because he REALLY REALLY likes that unit.

MFW K A-Apples 2012

Make a fruit poster from magazine

Make apple sauce (after reading "Apples Apples Apples")

Guess how many seeds in our apple

Cuisenaire Rods

Apple patterns

Apple Math

Complete with some apple stickers

Parts of an apple

This is a really funny book. We read it while looking at the map of all the countries
And of course, we HAVE to bake a pie. We like apple crumble pie better, so we did.

The HIGHLIGHT of the week. The kids waited for this activity the WHOLE week last week!

We really like "Ten apples on top", "Apples apples apples", "How to bake.." and "The seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree"

And we watched Johnny Appleseed's Disney video on youtube.

It was a nice surprise to find apple stickers

Apple Matching


All the supplementary materials can be found here

Saturday, August 25, 2012

2012 School"room"

In case anyone is interested, this is how we do school in a small NYC 2-bedroom apartment. We do school at the dining table. Afterall, it IS the place where many amazing conversations were held!

Not too different from last year.

 First, our board is simpler. oh wait. There is NO BOARD! =) hahaha...I used the paper rings as a border and that will be our "Jesus" Poster this year (for Adventures). I use poster tack to put the verses up.

Then, our morning board is simpler too. Trying to cut clutter in the house.

The map (I really should have gotten TWO maps, instead of flipping the US map and world map back and forth) is under the vinyl cover. I REALLY like the map the time we REALLY want to study the states, I think Ian would have memorized the map after SOOOO many months of looking at it!

Alright, here's the corner.hmm...quite a mess, but I TRY!!!
Morning Board + Kindergarten board (I'm only putting up the card, and the phrase for the week)
Trying to keep things simple, for we have a baby coming in Oct and I don't want to start something too complicated and not finish it.

My little K'ner girl is adorable. She would go change the dates/days herself everyday even on non-school days.=)
My other school stuff are in another cabinet. Papers, work from past years, my handy dandy laminator etc. And OH!!! Look! The ant farm....sooo exciting to do it this year again!!! (can you see my fake grin??? I love the project but REALLY REALLY REALLY don't like ants)
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Family Vacation at Poconos

It was good to get away. For the kids to be with nature again. The historic village was fun, and the girls were playing they were Laura and Mary (from Little House). =)

We visited the Steamtown Historic Site again and this time we took the train (it was o-k-a-y). We had fun looking at the trains, even the girls.

I think their highlights were the lawn (where they do a lot of ballplay), the swing and the lake (no swimming but they can build sand castles)
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Friday, August 17, 2012

MFW K L-Leaves 2012

GREAT books. We LOVE them ESPECIALLY caps for sale. I think I (and big brother) already read like 10 times.

Girl is very independent on the morning board now. I'm very proud of her!

I love the new (used) Cuisenaire rods and book we got!

Leaves Math ( I got this one here)

Drawing Page

Tracing page

Writing on her own

Making Leaves and Lion (since it's also "L") cookies. Not pretty, but tastes WONDERFUL! Got the recipe here

Leaves Rubbing


SOOO Fun! I made the worksheets into a lapbook/folder game kind of so we can reuse it. Thank you, HomeschoolCreations!


You can get more info from the top page "MFW K/1st, L-Leaves"

We are going on vacation next week and I hope we can continue the "L-Leaves" unit while we are there, picking leaves, making rubbings and all...

MFW Adventures Week 5: Pilgrims

The A Day in a Pilgrim girl/boy books are quite interesting because of their pictures. Of course, we always like the Little House books.
This was quite fun for the kids to see!
We started English Language this week. I do like the ease of the Primary Language Lessons.
Retelling of the Pilgrims story

Besides these, we read a lot of bible verses of Jesus being the light and us too (I like the verses and explanations by MFW)

We read on the stars and the Big Dipper. Next week we'll be on vacation and I REALLY hope one night I can bring my boy out to see the big dipper.

We continue to do Singapore Math. I try to go a little slower and add more practice for him on my own to make sure he masters one before the next.

He REALLY likes Spelling by Structure and Sound. I think we got the pattern down and he can do an independent work on it. Quite cool to see!

AND...we finished Squanto!! I like it that MFW puts in the schedule to read a chap a day, it's a GREAT feeling to finish a read-aloud book!

Now, we need to finish Boxcar children...systematically (he jumps the chapters when reading on own)
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Friday, August 10, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 4: Native Americans

Making a wigwam (Big Brother didn't like it, the girls did it)

Making a Tee-Pee

Air Resistance Science experiment
We read the "North American Indians" book and had fun doing the sign language. It is a great book to read!
Other than this, we are still reading Squanto and also we borrowed "Small Wolf" (which we haven't read). He read "Big Dipper" on his own and didn't enjoy it.

Some other books like "If you lived with the Hopi" or "If you lived with the Iroquois" didn't arrive in the library yet.

Math was a little challenging for him this week, I realized he is so much more a "language" person than "Math".

And he did a wonderful job memorizing John 8:12. Even our K'ner did it!