Friday, August 17, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 5: Pilgrims

The A Day in a Pilgrim girl/boy books are quite interesting because of their pictures. Of course, we always like the Little House books.
This was quite fun for the kids to see!
We started English Language this week. I do like the ease of the Primary Language Lessons.
Retelling of the Pilgrims story

Besides these, we read a lot of bible verses of Jesus being the light and us too (I like the verses and explanations by MFW)

We read on the stars and the Big Dipper. Next week we'll be on vacation and I REALLY hope one night I can bring my boy out to see the big dipper.

We continue to do Singapore Math. I try to go a little slower and add more practice for him on my own to make sure he masters one before the next.

He REALLY likes Spelling by Structure and Sound. I think we got the pattern down and he can do an independent work on it. Quite cool to see!

AND...we finished Squanto!! I like it that MFW puts in the schedule to read a chap a day, it's a GREAT feeling to finish a read-aloud book!

Now, we need to finish Boxcar children...systematically (he jumps the chapters when reading on own)
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