Monday, October 31, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 47-51

Lapbook (forgot most of the pictures) This is a fun book and we got great resources from here

The "B" words"

Dressing up Jesse Bear

Kind Words are like honey, sweet to the soul and good for the body (Proverbs 16:24)

Drawing with Children: Draw a carousel horse. But of course, Ian likes the Lancaster carriages better.

Ian wrote a letter to his pirate friend, a fellow homeschooling family. He took a subway card which already has "Ian" on and wrote "from...To Nathan" on it. So innovative.

For fun, we made a Chrysler Building from here

Then Daddy told them the story of how the builders hid the top part of Chrysler Building INSIDE the building and the other building thought they were the tallest, except when it was finally built, they "released" the top part and won the "tallest" name.

Intrigued by daddy's story. American/New York history done. =)

One day for Exploration Day we went to Panera Bread. SOOO fun.

We also did all the reading/writing for MFW (like the Bible Reader and Notebook...when the Creation is done, I'll put a pic of our work), did more practice of sums (practicing number bonds at the same time) and read more about Ocean since our Sun/Moon books are not in yet.
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MFW 1st Grade Days 47-51 PRESCHOOL

More great iPad Apps

Mosaic (fun and great for preschooler) I got it free when it was. now $0.99

Teach Me 1st Grade (one of the VERY few apps I bought) $0.99. This is a really fun app. Child practices Math, Sight Word, Spelling, get coins, then he spends them on stickers, aquarium etc. I like it. Right now, it's WAYYYY too simple for Ian (hopefully it'll get harder) but it's good for him to have an ego boost. =)


Picking up pom poms with clothes pin

Greater/smaller than clothes pin game (from here)

Draw a Monster (another fun one)

Nowadays I realize this is totally killing two birds with one stone. Ian to dictate to Colleen the spelling of the words and she writes.

More Sticker fun.
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Friday, October 21, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 42-46 Preschool

Found some FUN iPad Apps for the kids

Lakeshore Alphabet app (free from now to Dec 30th!)

Lakeshore Beginning sound app (free from now to Dec 30th)
Math Top it game (Mcgraw Hill, free for now)

We read the ABC Bunny and did some activities with it. Inspirations from here 

lower alphabet texture tracing ($1 from dollar tree)

Listened to the ABC Bunny song on youtube

did a upper case/lower case puzzle match
Tracing some words from the book, activities from here

Doing word maze with a bunny clip

Other PRESCHOOL stuff we did

we got another sticker book as a gift, which is always so fun

shapes match from here

And our littlest are often occupied by the homemade playdough. =)
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MFW 1st Grade Days 42-46

This is a after vacation, back-to-routine week. =)

We played Cafe, practicing social skills and math.

This is the server, very diligent in her work.

We did the workbooks, practicing on our phonics

Did some "Drawing with Children", the first leo is from the book, and the 2nd is Ian's own

For Science, we talked about under the sea. And we're not quite done, will continue next week.

Halfway through reading about Sharks, Ian said, OH! I know a shark! And he took the "Finding Nemo" book(he never finished the movie for it was too much for my boy)

We did a diorama, it was fun!

Answered some worksheets

Did a Shark Math (it's $1 now!) for the preschooler from here.
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Friday, October 7, 2011

Special Exploration Day: Mid-Hudson Children's Museum

My parents and aunt came all the way around the globe for us. So we had some school and some breaks. But during one of our road trips we managed to use the free Museum Day tickets to visit a VERY VERY tiny Children's Museum. It's fun enough for the kids, but really small...

The "baking place"


Apple trees!

Little house play

the HUGE bubble

the Science Room

Fun radio

Pretend play

Dinosaur playground

I REALLY like this. I thought it's well done.
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