Friday, October 7, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 37-41


textured lower-case alphabet puzzle. $1 from Dollar Tree!

Math Center (I got the materials from Scholastic Express)

Bow Tie Bears

Cake Candle Match

Lunch Orders

She was very into her "work"

Runaway Bunny Lapbook (more ideas from here)

The Math Books on Addition and Subtraction

We used the Domino Book and the dominos we got from Dollar Tree.

We used dice for addition and played this game (like snakes and ladders)

Science Books: Seashore (The big big sea is such a beautiful book)

For art: The bird with the worm is taught from Drawing for Children. But Ian quickly drew another of his "own" way of drawing above it. haha.

In addition, we followed MFW and did the time line, started on Bible Reader and Notebook.
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