Monday, October 31, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 47-51 PRESCHOOL

More great iPad Apps

Mosaic (fun and great for preschooler) I got it free when it was. now $0.99

Teach Me 1st Grade (one of the VERY few apps I bought) $0.99. This is a really fun app. Child practices Math, Sight Word, Spelling, get coins, then he spends them on stickers, aquarium etc. I like it. Right now, it's WAYYYY too simple for Ian (hopefully it'll get harder) but it's good for him to have an ego boost. =)


Picking up pom poms with clothes pin

Greater/smaller than clothes pin game (from here)

Draw a Monster (another fun one)

Nowadays I realize this is totally killing two birds with one stone. Ian to dictate to Colleen the spelling of the words and she writes.

More Sticker fun.
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