Friday, October 21, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 42-46

This is a after vacation, back-to-routine week. =)

We played Cafe, practicing social skills and math.

This is the server, very diligent in her work.

We did the workbooks, practicing on our phonics

Did some "Drawing with Children", the first leo is from the book, and the 2nd is Ian's own

For Science, we talked about under the sea. And we're not quite done, will continue next week.

Halfway through reading about Sharks, Ian said, OH! I know a shark! And he took the "Finding Nemo" book(he never finished the movie for it was too much for my boy)

We did a diorama, it was fun!

Answered some worksheets

Did a Shark Math (it's $1 now!) for the preschooler from here.
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