Friday, October 21, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 42-46 Preschool

Found some FUN iPad Apps for the kids

Lakeshore Alphabet app (free from now to Dec 30th!)

Lakeshore Beginning sound app (free from now to Dec 30th)
Math Top it game (Mcgraw Hill, free for now)

We read the ABC Bunny and did some activities with it. Inspirations from here 

lower alphabet texture tracing ($1 from dollar tree)

Listened to the ABC Bunny song on youtube

did a upper case/lower case puzzle match
Tracing some words from the book, activities from here

Doing word maze with a bunny clip

Other PRESCHOOL stuff we did

we got another sticker book as a gift, which is always so fun

shapes match from here

And our littlest are often occupied by the homemade playdough. =)
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