Thursday, March 30, 2017

Preschool: Transportation

In March, we are learning about transportation.


This is a really fun resource to learn numbers

She is learning to write well!


Not exactly all transportation, but learning about land, sea, and air. This was a folder game I made for Lil Sis before.


Hot Air Balloon! Lil Sis helped with the basket

I made this set with some inspiration. 

We finished the Big Book we bought from Aldi!

And we continued to learn about the alphabet.

Some pre-writing sheets

We made the coach. Yes, it's transportation too! =)

Sometimes Baby Sis used the iPad for some education games, like abcmouse, or alphabets.

Wipe-away books are fun to learn numbers

We got quite a number of worksheets on abcmouse

cutting practice

Pinterest Board here

MFW Exploration to 1850 WEEK 29: Mexico/Texas

Part of this week, we were in Washington D.C. and it really helped our year of studying in American History.

This week we went on to James Chapter 4 and memorized 4:9-12

We learnt about Mexico and Texas.

We also learnt about Samuel Morse and his telegraph. We saw the telegraph machine at D.C. last week.

We started reading Bound for Oregon. This is a good read-aloud book.

We continued with Spelling power and Rod and Staff.

We finished Science, but in D.C. we did a nice review of the animals at the zoo.

We are using Artistic Pursuits K-3 (Book 2) this year.

We skipped art this week.

Books we read for leisure