Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Washington D.C. Field Trip

We were so blessed to tag along daddy when he went to a work conference for the past week. A trip to the nation's capital is a real treat for our year studying American History!

First we stopped by Philadelphia and visited the Old Supreme Court (1791-1800)

Of course we had to visit the liberty bell.

Next stop, we visited Fort McHenry, where Francis Scott Key saw the "flag". This was the poem he wrote.

After a short video at the museum, the blinds opened and we saw that "Star-Spangled Banner" while singing the anthem. It was really surprisingly touching.

The fort was really fun!!

"O'er the Ramparts We Watched"

There were fun things in the fort/museum to see and read about.

National Zoo

It was fun visiting the zoo which is in walking distance to our hotel.

A zoo volunteer handed this to us. Guess what it was? Waste material from an elephant, all dried up and varnished. Our kids had a kick out of it.

Close up! An elephant makes 60 of them a day!

Of course we visited the "animals, reptiles, birds, and fish".

Museums of Natural History and American History

I had a lot of fun at the Museum of American History. The older kids found it more educational than the younger ones, of course.
This section is on the First Ladies' dresses. It was really fun. This one is by the late Jackie Kennedy.

Martha Washington

Looking at the timeline of the presidents we have learnt so far.

Little memorabilia of the white house. 

Lincoln's hat

The cotton gin

Telegraph machine!

I stopped here to talk more about the lunchroom event with the kids.

The Hope Diamond!!

The kids enjoyed the Museum of Natural History and the Smithsonian Castle because they played a fun ipad game on the Smithsonian before.

The Smithsonian Castle

Visiting Lincoln Memorial is a must.

While we took the DC Circulator (bus) around the National Mall, we caught a glimpse of the white house.

Jefferson Memorial

It was cherry blossom festival!

The capitol

Iwo Jima Memorial

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