Thursday, March 30, 2017

Preschool: Transportation

In March, we are learning about transportation.


This is a really fun resource to learn numbers

She is learning to write well!


Not exactly all transportation, but learning about land, sea, and air. This was a folder game I made for Lil Sis before.


Hot Air Balloon! Lil Sis helped with the basket

I made this set with some inspiration. 

We finished the Big Book we bought from Aldi!

And we continued to learn about the alphabet.

Some pre-writing sheets

We made the coach. Yes, it's transportation too! =)

Sometimes Baby Sis used the iPad for some education games, like abcmouse, or alphabets.

Wipe-away books are fun to learn numbers

We got quite a number of worksheets on abcmouse

cutting practice

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