Thursday, March 2, 2017

MFW Exploration to 1850 WEEK 24: Robert Fulton, Eli Whitney, Invertebrates


This week we revised the previous chapters of James and memorized up to 3:13

We learnt about Robert Fulton and the steam boat.
We also learnt about Eli Whitney and the cotton gin.

The kids picked "cotton seeds" and found the difficulty of it.

For state study, we learnt about Rhode Island, North Carolina, and Vermont. Then we realized we missed New York. So we had to renumber the states.

Big Sis has been reading some American Girls Books to me. Some of them coincides interestingly with the period we studied. Even though this one does not, it still portrayed the different lifestyles than us and I found them very interesting.

We continued with Spelling power and Rod and Staff.
We got these from the airplane (EVA air) and it became a good Mandarin reading practice for Lil Sis.

Lil Sis is reading "Wellie Wishes" for me now as part of her practice for reading.

This week we learnt about 
Invertebrates, arthropods and insects.
We made the water skipper model.

Lil Sis read from the Complete Book of Science

This funky arthropod song ticked my kids.

We are using Artistic Pursuits K-3 (Book 2) this year.

For art, we did printing. I did not get the proper brayer. This is a kids' craft sponge roller that worked for this purpose.
We made prints on a Styrofoam board.

Books we read for leisure

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