Thursday, August 30, 2012

MFW K A-Apples 2012

Make a fruit poster from magazine

Make apple sauce (after reading "Apples Apples Apples")

Guess how many seeds in our apple

Cuisenaire Rods

Apple patterns

Apple Math

Complete with some apple stickers

Parts of an apple

This is a really funny book. We read it while looking at the map of all the countries
And of course, we HAVE to bake a pie. We like apple crumble pie better, so we did.

The HIGHLIGHT of the week. The kids waited for this activity the WHOLE week last week!

We really like "Ten apples on top", "Apples apples apples", "How to bake.." and "The seasons of Arnold's Apple Tree"

And we watched Johnny Appleseed's Disney video on youtube.

It was a nice surprise to find apple stickers

Apple Matching


All the supplementary materials can be found here

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