Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A-Apple Unit Plan

We're still on vacation and not quite done with L-Leaf unit. Cos it had been raining and raining and raining and we can't get any leaf outside!! I still hope to find some real leaves and make some simple art to finish the unit.
But, I've been planning for the A-Apple unit and I was so excited at the things I found!! Man! We could possibly use TWO weeks for this unit! So much fun stuff to do! But we'll be moving and start the unit possibly at our new place, so it can get pretty crazy.

Anyhows here's the plan for all the supplementary activities
Johnny Appleseed Lapbook (we're using some components only) (find it at homeschoolshare)
Johnny Appleseed movie (old Disney movie that you can find on youtube)
Apple Tree in different seasons craft
Ten Apples on Top activity (great for preschooler)
Many folder games for the K'ner and preschooler:
Apple Matching game
Worms in my apple counting game

Fun worksheets/activities
Apple magnet page or mosiac
Apple Patterning Dot to Dot
Some counting page or other activities here
We might do some apple cooking
Apple Crumble (we LOVE this recipe)
Pioneer Woman's Apple Brown Betty

And I've already reserved these books from the library
Johnny Appleseed - A poem
Johnny Appleseed (Gini Holland)
Johnny Appleseed (Steven Kellogg)
Ten Apples up on top
The seasons of Arnold's apple tree
How to make an apple pie and see the world
Apples Apples Apples
A tree is a plant
The apple pie tree
Grasshopper on the road

There were other books recommended by others but I can't find them in the library I thought this one might be interesting 3-in-1 a picture of God I can't wait to do A-Apple!! =)

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