Wednesday, October 27, 2010

N-Nest Plan

This is our plan for the N-Nest unit. 

Best Nest (PD Eastman)
A first book about animal homes (Nicola Tuxworth)
A nest full of eggs
My first books on animal homes (Eric Carle)
Animal Homes (Usborne)
A House is a house for me Baby Bird's first nest (Frank Asch) - I like this guy 
Silly Little Goose
Are you my mother? 
Grasshopper on the road (a new home) from the apple unit is great here too 

 Other supplements:
Good information on animals' home online here 
Matching animals to home cards 
Online Animal home game 
Nests videos
Nice easy tree/nest craft 
Try this nest snack recipe 

Other great preschooler number match or games here 

 Bible Verse: Ps 90:1 Lord, through all generations You have been our home

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