Friday, October 8, 2010

L-Leaf Unit part 1

Because: 1) we weren't planning on doing the unit yet we did 2) my color printer went out of color (then I realized it didn't) 3) it rained and rained and rained 4) we're sort of on vacation...

The L-Leaf unit was less activities.

We did (besides the drill work of MFW)
*Leaf sorting (I drew, cut and laminate the "leaves" myself). Nope. Big Gal didn't like it
*Picked a leaf from a plant and discussed it. But you can see...after 2 weeks this leaf is RESILIENT! haha. But we did have a discussion after the tornado/microburst that hit NYC, to see the dea branches on the road about staying in Jesus. Now here's when a child gets really good. He asked me "but leaves that stay on the tree also die (referring to fall)". hmm...
*picked leaves (FINALLY!!!) I intend to laminate and make into placemat
*Talked about parts of leaves
*Played some board games
*did the chicka book (I love it!)
*made a mini L book 

The kids' favorite book for this unit: Caps for Sale!

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