Monday, January 31, 2011

P-Penguin Unit Plan

We'll be on vacation!! When others were snowed in, having their winter breaks and all the other Jewish holidays, we had school throughout. Now it's our turn to take a break.

 It'll be wonderful to see grannies again and when we come back, we'll be going on to P-Penguin Unit. I wish we'll have a chance to visit the zoo in our vacation, so we can see some elephants, horses, goats and of course, PENGUINS. =)
  March of the Penguins would have been such a great movie for the unit...but I don't think my sentimental boy will take it. (I was bawling myself) Too much for his heart. Too long anyway. I might show the trailer here
  Other things we would do: *

Video of penguins 
*Online non-fiction story book of the penguins
*dot to dot worksheet
*Itsy Book on penguin 
*Color by number penguin worksheet
*VERY interesting and simple Science activities to learn about penguins 
*Simple facts
*easy toilet roll penguin craft
*Easy Science experiment: will it slide?
*P-tracing for preschooler *Learn about Antarctic and other places penguins live in
*Discuss how we can honor our family members

*Penguin Tanagram  

Bible Verse Rom 12:10
Love each other deeply. Honor others more than yourselves

Book List
Penguins Gail Gibbons
Tacky the Penguin by Helen Lester A Penguin Pup for Pinkerton by Steven Kellogg
Tacky and the Emperor by Helen Lester

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