Saturday, January 15, 2011

Update on the Anthill

So. Since our last update, the tunnels have been a little different... In fact the tunnels even went though CHANGES! As in the ants would burrow, and then would fill it up and then burrow again or something. Maybe the architect had a change of mind.

We observed other things. They didn't really sleep in the tunnels at first. They huddle in the bottom or on the top. Weird.

And one day I had to air out the hill cos of condensation. Before I knew it, an ant escaped. I felt so bad but I had to kill it. =( First unnatural death.

Then the 1st natural death happened. He bent over and curled up like a cooked shrimp. An ant kept wanting to move him away. But there doesn't seem to have any location the carrier is going.

Then I saw one ant "carrying" another (biting I mean) I thought it was a fight. But he was just carrying it up to the top...hmm...Then I realized the one had one feeler off. In the fight? I can't say.

Anyhows, After day....16/17, I tried to put in food, they didn't really eat. I thought they are dying soon. But today is day 26 and most are still living. hmm...I have such thoughts about the anthill!! Will write about it next time.

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