Wednesday, September 15, 2010

S-Sun Unit - 4

The best of our week was the subway lapbook. It's our first and I think it's very successful!

The components:
*Subway numbers - laminate the subways and you can use dry-erase markers to draw people, windows, wheels in according to the numbers. OR, like my son did, you can arrange them
*Subway book - Ian LOVES to draw subways
*Subway letters - Match the correct beginning sounds. You can add more pictures according to your child's level and interest
*We have a slot for the Metrocard
* I pinned up a sheet on the board and whenever Ian thinks of a word that begins with S we write it down. He thought of all the words himself! It's fun to hear him running in from the balcony and shouted a word he happened to think of Even though S is for Sun in this unit, S is for the favorite thing in Ian's life...SUBWAYS... Such a city kid.

Talking about cities...because we live in the city, we can't do the sundial or some other nature things...but I guess the subway is a positive for us. =)

Tomorrow we end off the unit. I think I'll bring the kids out into the "SUN" to play, since we're not going to have that many cool (but not cold) days.

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