Thursday, September 23, 2010

M-Moon Unit - 1

Another unit done!
For the moon unit we did
-moon phases art (using sponge to color)
-Rocket art (the astronaut from here)
-Lantern (to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival)
-Space Shapes
-Pony Beads Glow in the dark moon
-Goodnight Moon Lapbook (the favorite is the bear cards)
-Read and watched "papa please get the moon for me" and "Goodnight moon" and other Moon books
-did a retelling of the "Little Bear" story
-Learnt about the moon online
-Made a moon phases calendar and watched the moon every night (will continue to do so)

I wanted to do the Moon Cake, but didn't for the 1st 5 days. Maybe we'll do it tomorrow, after some time outside, or while we go on vacation.

We also made up a Morning Board which I like very much

On it, there is the "Days of school" (and addition of it), bible verses, weather, Today's date, moon calendar and the 100 chart. There are other stuff that people do for morning board that I like, but feel that the kids are too young, so I'll start with this. I get the printables and ideas from here

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