Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Creation Unit - Part 1

Day 7 of homeschool. 
We had so much fun!
Here are what we did. (Rather far from our "plan")

 Basic work/Lang/Math
1. 100 chart and the 100 box (we used craft sticks and a closable container)
2. Day Chart and the Weather
3. Calendar
4. God's wisdom for little boys and girls. (and an attempt for copy work)
5. Review of the alphabet (practicing lower and upper case in the balcony using chalk, using the pockets and cards from MFW)
 6. Math work (either from some folder games or the "Write and Slide" book)

1. Creation book and Creation numbers (We pasted them on the board and then into a book)
2. Tangrams (for the fish and animal days)
3. Dot to dot elephant (alphabet)
4. Chinese Creation Poem (he fills in the blanks with words he knows to write)
5. Creation Lapbook
6. Special snacks (we only did goldfish with blue jell-O, dirt cup and graham bears)

Preschooler Since my little preschooler (2.5 yrs) joins in school, I try to do a bit of folder games for her.

  1. Gingerbread men buttons (shapes)
  2. Painbrush (colors)
  3. Animals coloring book (I did a small one for her) got them from here
  4. I did my own Boz match the shapes and foam shapes/colors match

  He has computer time 3 times a week. I choose some games for him and he gets to choose 2 of his own.
  Some great sites for computer games that I have found:
Fishing game (numbers) - There is a problem of click and drag, hard for kinder.
 Motor matching of shadows (shapes of things) - Too short a time for kinder
  Grover bumper cars (phonics and letters) - fun 
Gingerbread men (shapes/creativity)
  Our favorite site is still Sesame Street
A good phonetic one is Starfall.

Halfway through, I discovered the workbox system and I love it. 
No, my child cannot do workbox independently like others. I still have to be by his side, but it's a great organization tool i think! It helps me and him to know what next to expect. 

I'm waiting for my velcros and laminating machine to it'll be a little work in progress. I might write a post on workbox later.

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