Thursday, September 16, 2010

M-Moon Unit - Plan

We're going to have so much fun in this unit! 
Here's my plan:
1. Get info of the moon on the web. I found a video site here and a game site here . Try the skill level 1 for easiest games to play.
  2. Learn about moon phases, do a craft and a moon phases calendar (for the whole month)
3. Make a craft rocket ship (We might use the astronaut from MakingFriends)
  4. Play spaceship game under the table (the kids will love this)
  5. Make moon/stars (from glow in the dark pony beads)
  6. Celebrate Mooncake Festival.(9/22) I'm sooo excited that smack in the middle of the unit is going to be big full moon day! So cool.
  7. Moon cake (not the Chinese one) that we found on the MFW board.

  Supplementary games:
1. Solar System Board Game (I'm in the midst of making it, when I'm done, I'll put it up as downloadables)
2. Goodnight moon lapbook (I love this)
3. Rocket Heads/Tails match for preschooler
  4. Space Shapes (for preschooler) Lots of ideas, games, recipes here

  Our book list
  Little Bear
  Happy Birthday Moon
  Papa please get the moon for me

I wish we had other informational books, like All about the moon

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