Friday, September 9, 2011

MFW 1st Grade Days 22-26

The kids contracted some kind of stomach virus this week...we took school slow.

I did this number wheel before with Ian and now with Colleen.
We also did quite a bit of practicing on her number and alphabets. She is doing very very well on that!
With our new iPad, I even tried some apps with her...will do some review of them soon, I hope.
The Littlest having some fun with free sticker sticking. She's the real sticker girl in our family.
1st grade:
Here is Ian trying to learn to put spacing in his handwriting
This is a funny one...Ian giving a "sum" to Colleen...which she can't complete of course.

Last week we didn't manage to finish the seeds this week we continue and Ian drew them on his Science journal.
And we did the Rain in the Jar experiment again (last time it failed) because we were talking about rain.

We talked about comparing. Greater than/Lesser than, etc...I LOVE the Two Greedy Bear book, so fun! I read it to the kids while eating a piece of cheese (I'm the fox) They were so amused. =)

We played the "What's my number" game too (guessing number by saying "greater" or "lesser"). Even Colleen enjoyed the game, but she can only do 1-10 of course.
A pity the Science books didn't come in time. We only had this this week. Hopefully next week we'll catch up with all the rain/thunder books.

I really like how MFW teaches about the Bible. This week is about who're the authors (Author) of the bible.
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