Monday, May 16, 2016

Teach Them Diligently Sandusky OHIO 2016

We were very blessed to have the resources to drive 8+ hours to Ohio for the Teach Them Diligently Convention. It was such a wonderful time for us.

The kids had a CRAZY time at the waterpark. Their first time!! I was amazed at the courage of our older ones to go on the rides.

My hubby and I were so filled up by the speakers. The sessions were really encouraging. We especially gained a lot from Todd Wilson and Karen DeBeus.

We were also quite excited about the museum of the Bible, coming to D.C in July 2017.

I had the chance to enjoy some time with moms at the Evening of Real Refreshment. Mennonites worshiping with Pentecostals? Why not? =) It was an interesting experience. I appreciate the work put in by the team.

I feel that TTD was VERY well organized and they had a ton of great speakers. I only wished the times for meals were not that rushed. =)

Thank God for a mom on facebook to remind me the use of crockpot liners. OH MY!!! It saved our sanity not having to wash the crockpot in the little sink.

We did easy lunches in the room and also crockpot meals: Chicken Salsa and Chinese Soy Minced Meat (turned out to be meat balls) REALLY good!!

We actually toured a little more of the east of midwest (Pittsburg, Ohio, Indiana) before the conference and it was so good. That will be in a separate post.

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