Saturday, February 16, 2013

Seize the Day!

It was our day off school. We have one of that every week, so we can rest, catch up on reading, playing, doing "school" in a more relaxed manner.

The sun beckoned us today. God broke through the winter greys and presented us the golden day.

"Can we go out?" the boy asked, without much hope. It has been pretty much "stay-in" winter.

Seize the day! I thought. Yes we should, dear.

Yes?! did you say yes?

Yes I did. I smiled.

YAY! went all of the little ones.

We had some issues with our neighbor (a long drawn one, with a not so reasonable neighbor) and in one of nasty talks we had with her, she said "I regret the way I raised XXX(her son, who is 20 now)" (referring to the way the kids had to be quiet in apartments). Her son's comments in the end of the talk was "children suffer the most in apartments where they are expected to be quiet"

OH MY. Those words stuck with me for a long time. NO. I refuse to "regret". Her time and chance had passed. My children are in the peak of their childhood. With as much work I can muster and all the grace I can beseech from God, my children are going to live their childhood the way childhood should be. They are not to tiptoe around the house, restrain their limbs in a way that they can't enjoy the bodies God created for them.

SO. I took them down to savor the day. Bringing four children out on my own, especially during winter, is a real challenge for me (I know many do not have my problem, that's my weakness).

A little running, jump-roping, and poking a molehill of ice that did not melt were all they did. And all they needed to get those air into their lungs and joy into their heart.

Thank you God, for the day.
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