Friday, December 14, 2012

MFW Adventures Week 14: CT,MA,MD,SC

How much earthworms a robin (CT state bird) eats a day. 14 feet!
I love the different discussion on the bible verse, John 14:16 (Jesus is the way) This one is of us finding different ways to get to different places.
4 pennies. How heavy a chickadee is (MA state bird) We were surprised!
Tried the Farmer Boy's Popcorn in milk experiment (put a cup full of popcorn in a cup full of milk and it will not spill over)
Well, it didn't QUITE work...I don't know if because we put TOO much milk or is it because our floor is not even. Oh well. But it tasted nice! =)

We can't get past Farmer's not easy to read...or to keep his attention.
Books we read (Visit to Gravensen Farm-CT, Boy on FF St- MA, Carolina Shout-SC, Amish books-PA)

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