Wednesday, December 4, 2013

MFW ECC Wks 12-13: Norway

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Bible: Romania, Bulgaria, Mt 5:44-45
Christian Heros: 
Geography: Norway (Europe), Vocab(fjord, promontory, lake, stream)
Math: Multiplication 4, 5
Language: Creation Lesson, The Fall Lesson, Spelling Power
Science: Evergreen (conifer) forests
Art: rosemaling, flag craft, paper doll, pine cone and evergreen trees
Books we read: 
Snow treasure
The day Hans got his way

For Thanksgiving
Balloons over Broadway
P is for Pilgrims
Thanksgiving Is...
One is a feast for a mouse
Thanksgiving day at our house

Our Centerpiece
Making the centerpiece:
1. Make a cone with cardboard

2.Measure the top

3. Cut strips of paper. The young one can help with cutting the frills

4. After all the layers, add the top cone.

And we added the pine cone

Fun project to do!

Memorized Mt 5:44-45
Little sis focused on being colorful and didn't care for reality. The older ones said this girl feels sick. =D


Flag and Fact page

We found Norway on the map!

Geog Game! Using Dry Erase Crayons.
Norway Paper Doll

 Norway Flag craft

Multiplication 5 and 10


Fun learning about the conifer forests.


Rosemaling. I found that my cake stand has a pattern similar to rosemaling, but it's on ceramic.

We watched an interesting video here

And see that we did try to do some double loading rosemaling. But it's not easy for the kids.

So we did it our way. Still works!

I thought they did a wonderful job! These little trinket boxes are $1 from Michael's. Great find!

Lest you think we are all inborn Norwegian artists...the little one decided to do it her way. =)

Thumbprint art

Preschool with ECC

Handwriting N: for Norway

E is for Evergreen forests

For Thanksgiving, we read some books, made some paper dolls, did quite a bit of coloring and worksheets for the preschoolers

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