Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Around the World 2013

While sorting out how to deal with the scattered days of school due to Christmas, guests, vacations...I decided to come up with a very very mini unit of Christmas Around the World to occupy 3 days of our scattered school.

Day One: Europe

We did this in conjunction with the UK study.

Day Two: Americas
We read about the Legend of the Poinsettias, Nine Days to Christmas and also watched a video of the Las Posadas

We read about how people in Canada and Mexico celebrate Christmas from "Christmas Around the World"

Day Three: Asia/Africa/Australia

We learnt that in South Africa and Australia, Christmas is hot (so is in Singapore)

We searched some youtube videos of the Christmas lighting in Singapore.

On those "light days", we also read some Chinese books and did Math.

Now we're back to "normal schedule" with Germany!

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