Tuesday, December 31, 2013

MFW ECC Extra Week: (16): United Kingdom

We did an extra week this week, because of the upcoming Christmas, guests and disruption of school, I decided we'll do a week of UK (per request of Big Boy), and then a couple days here and there in between, we'll do Christmas Around the World.

After the Christmas tree is pulled down, we'll resume in Germany.

UK is SOOOO much fun!! I cannot believe it!

Here were what we did:

Day 1:
We learnt about the flags
He did his research for the Crossword puzzle (he LOVED it!)

 Day 2: England
Pretending to be Palace guards
Paper doll

Making the Big Ben Model

Learning about the landmarks of UK
Language difference

 Day 3: Scotland and Ireland

Scottish doll

Learnt about St Patrick

And we watched some fun videos of Scottish accents and English accents.

And we watched Riverdance and Scotland the Brave in Bagpipes. SOOOO good.

Chinese: we used this time to review reading and BoPoMoFo 

And Day 4 we did Christmas in Europe.

St Lucia's Bread (Sweden)

 Day 5 we had a light day of Geography Game, Math etc.

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